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how to connect surfaces for surface array

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I want to work with the surface array tool, but when I go to extract the surface of my extrude I get 4 surfaces.  If I add them, I get a solid addition that won't work with the array command.  How do I make these surfaces into 1 thing?

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I don't think that the extract tool will ever let you get one nurbs surface that is the entire side all the way around.


But you can easily do it with the loft surface tool. 


Draw the rounded rectangle.  Convert to nurbs.  Switch to a front view.  Draw a line on top of the nurbs curve who's length is the desired height.  Convert to nurbs.


Switch to an isometric view.  Loft Surface Tool > second mode.  Click on the rounded rectangle nurbs curve then on the line, then click the green checkmark.


In the next dialog box make sure you leave Create Solid unchecked.


This will give you a nurbs curve that will work as the base of a surface array. 

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