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classes confusion


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Hi there.

I have a slight problem in that I am a bit hazy when it comes to understanding this area. I have a steel framework which I have assigned to the class 'Ext Structure' and an internal floor structure which I have assigned to the class 'Int Structure', both with graphic attributes. At the monent, the model is on one layer (as it is a modular part of the design) and when I am in any 3D view and wireframed, the 'Int Structure' shows up in front of the 'Ext Structure' in the workspace so it obviously does not look right. I am using VW Architect 9.5.3.

What am I doing wrong? [Confused]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Layers do not automatically align themselves in 3D. Use the "Align Layer Views" on the View menu to fix this. Or if you wish to view a collection of layers in a unified 3D model, create layerlinks of those layers and they may be viewed together.

Also, VectorWorks Architect 10.x has a new tool called the "Model View tool" which makes this all vastly easier, so you may consider upgrading....

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Hi Robert.

Thanks for the reply. I don't think I explained myself correctly. I am working on one particular layer and the objects in the classes Int Structure and Ext Structure are on the same layer.

If you could possibly click on this link you will see what I mean.

I hope this explains the situation a bit better. The red objects are of the class Ext Structure, and the blue of the class Int Structure. As you can see, the red column is completely obscured by the blue structures. It is all true in plan form, but not in this 3D space.

Thanks - sorry, I don't know how to embed images into the board!

Mikie [smile]

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If you render this model (OpenGL is fastest) the foreground objects should appear in the foreground. If not, then your objects are actually not located correctly. In wireframe view, you can use "Send to front" to bring foreground objects' lines to the front. Wireframe, however, is not a particularly useful view mode for presentation.

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it's not that weird really why it happens.

it's just the way VW draws the image to screen.

it draws the way you draw.

i.e the first object you draw, it draws.

is if draw objects from ground up. VW should get it pretty right in wireframe too.


not that we always draw like that.

so 'send to front/back' etc. can bring it back to the right order.

it's onlt until you render something that VW looks at which objects are in foregroung or back in real space.


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