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Helen Palmer

Hardscape rendering issues

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I have created a hardscape for a gravel surface.  When I render using a standard stone finish only the border renders in this way, the main hardscape alters the render - maybe rotating it?  Is there a way to change the way this renders to give the appearance I want?  This render works perfectly on an extrude, just not on hardscape.  


Image below shows the extrude - which is how I want it to look - the area to the right is the hardscape with border. 


Vwx 21 Landmark

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 12.41.12.png

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Posted (edited)

@Helen Palmer it looks like your texture mapping went wonky.  Probably nothing you did, just a common issue in the software.

Chaning the mapping method in the OIP and then setting it back to default should fix it.  Here’s a video example of the same thing happening and the fix around 1 minute in.



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thank you that was very helpful.  Do you also have any tips for the adjustment of hardscape using the hardscape profile tab, or the surface modifiers.  I am trying to align two hardscape which are both aligned hardscape but I cannot get the edges to align vertically.  I also need to add a slope but I end up with odd valleys and shapes if I use grades or stakes.  I cannot find any useful tips or videos on service select other than the clips which say it is possible and isn't it amazing.  (it would be if I could work it out).169204262_Screenshot2021-04-29at13_31_03.thumb.png.8099f98c87e626a96f7284d5c740773e.png29807995_Screenshot2021-04-29at13_15_39.thumb.png.388d00ed1651f44c811daee876d0d867.png2030849944_Screenshot2021-04-29at13_14_16.thumb.png.7dfe7b8b3cfd4e5cb29136d8102d12ed.png

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@Helen Palmer You shouldn't try to do the whole hardscape in one piece.  Break it down and it works much better.  
And use the alignment option only for hardscapes that are difficult to define, so that they align automatically.
If you post the file I can show you.

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