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Site Model Simplification

Steve Riddle


Is these a way to simplify the attached 3d polys into a form that more closely resembles the original polygons, for some reason the simplification tolerance defaults to 1.734m and the VW output is not much use to me.

This file was created from lidar data so has quite a few complexities that I would just like to simplify.


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I have created a site model from the both data sets, the first one loooks great but has too many polygons to work fluidly.

The simplified version is snappy but to coarse and over simplified, what would be ideal is something in between, but cannot get this to happen with the simplify 3d polys tool.

Am not sure if its a bug, or the tool has just been designed this way?

It would be a more useful tool if somehow we could make finer grain adjustments to the segment length /deviation in much the same way as the simplify 2d poly tool

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