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45? Walls in a Gable end


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I have no trouble making a wall fit a typical gable roof situation.

Currently I am drawing a basically square floor plan (24' x 24') but at one end it is drawn like a 'bay' effect where the wall turns 45? runs 5' and turns 45? again to a now parallel wall (with the back wall) then at the other end 45'ed twice again to return to the side wall.

Pulling the main section of this wall up to the roof is easy. It's parallel with the rise of the roof. But the 'mitered' side walls (running across the rafters at 45?) are proving difficult. Seems the selection point is centered in the wall depth and it's pulling up in such a way as it doesn't 'fit' the main wall gable.

Tough one to explain. Hope someone can decipher this.


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So I have made some progress - seems maybe I was using the 'add 3d wall peaks' instead of the reshape option.

Still though, when you have two walls meeting each ending in 22.5? miters, raising them to form raked walls it looks as though one side (outside) of the wall raises faster than the other (inside). I can't find a way to 'feather' the walls together where then join. I tried using different joining techniques but that ended kinda disasterously.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The wall geometry is actually precise. The top plate of the wall is always horizontal (when viewed along the axis of the wall.) The effect you're seeing is the result of not having a "digital rasp" to bevel off the triangular projecting edges. The only way to get a perfectly smooth slant-topped wall is to use solids operations.

BTW, I think using 3D reshape and "Add wall peak" is the same thing.

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