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Changing PIO Defaults


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I have changed the defaults of both the simple and complex windows to 'elevation set at' - 'head of window' and 'elevation' from 2'8" to 6' 8".

On opening the window prefs the changes do not show up. Thinking maybe I had to quit and restart VW - I did - but still the 'old' defaults are still showing.

How do I make the changes take effect.

Mac OS10.2.2 and VWA 9.5.3

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

PIO defaults are worth a little discussion.

PIO parameter records are like other kinds of VectorWorks data records, sort of. When you create a record in a file (in this case by running a PIO for the first time,) it creates a record with "default" values. These values are the document defaults and will be used by a PIO created in that document.

If you change the default parameter values in the plug-in itself, you still won't be changing the default document values **unless** you change these directly. You do this by choosing the tool for the PIO, then clicking on the little preferenced button (the right most one) in the mode bar. These values are the default values for the document.


1. Changing values using the "Create Plug-in..." command in the Organize/Scripts menu sets the default parameter values for PIOs in all new documents, including the current document IF it doesn't already have param record for that PIO. If it does,

2. Clicking the "PIO Preferences" button in the mode bar with the PIO's tool selected allows you to change the current document values.

HTH. Robert

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