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Problems of transparency with export of sweep into step-file

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We work with then english Vectorworks 2021. We design a model consisting of a.o. many symbols which again consist of sweeps (f.e. 2D line sweep around a "center" point) and extrusions. We export this model as a step-file. When our client  imports the step-file into his CAD-software, the extrusions are visible "correctly" as solids but the sweeps are only visible with shiny surfaces, where you can look through, which is undesirable.

What can we do to solve this problem so that sweeps are also displayed opaque as solids?

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Not sure what the problem is, but you could try converting the sweeps to Generic Solids before exporting. So select all sweeps then go to MODIFY>CONVERT>CONVERT TO GENERIC SOLIDS. 

See if that helps. The fact that you're sweeping a line instead of a polygon or polyline might be the problem, but I wouldn't think that matters. 

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