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v10 window and door PIO failures

P Retondo

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I'm experiencing the following:

-Insert a new window or door

-Edit in the PIO info palette

-Edit a second time, and the window disappears. The information for the object still remains in the info palette. The window and door tools no longer function at all.

This behavior is not consistent. I can always quit the program and open it, which gets me at least one successful window install and edit. Sometimes I can go on for a while entering and editing windows and doors, but eventually the problem recurs. More often than not, it happens upon the second edit of a PIO door or window.

Am I the only person who has experienced this problem?

This is not a class visibility problem!

After reinstalling my 10.0.0 upgrade, and a fresh 10.0.1 update, the problem persists at every stage of installation.

VW 10.0.1

Win 2K

P4 2GH, 768 MB RAM

geforce 3 ti

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It gets worse. Now my wall, which had received the disappearing door, will not accept a new door in the same location. It keeps popping out every time I attempt to move it to the correct location. It's as though the invisible entity still exists inside the wall. So I have to delete the wall entirely to get things to work.

I've posted on this issue more than three weeks ago, with no response from technical support. I recently got email from a software engineer asking for a file displaying the problem, but since all files new and old display the problem, I just had to pass on the above info. Either I have a bad copy of VW 10, or something strange is going on, or I'm the only person who has upgraded to 10 that uses window and door PIO's (just kidding on the last one, I hope) because no one could work for more than a day or two under these conditions.

This is the second upgrade with VW I have been unable to use because of program problems (9.5 had broken walkthrough tool). Hate to say it, but after using MiniCAD/VectorWorks for almost ten years, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like a competitor's software.

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Thanks for the reply, but this is not the case. I'm talking about a really basic problem. Create a new document, create a single wall, place a single window or door in the wall using any PIO tool, edit that object twice -> it disappears and all the window and door insertion tools are disabled until the program is restarted.

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Katie and Robert,

Thanks for the responses. Katie: I don't use templates. Just opened a new document using ctrl+N.

I would not be surprised if you find it difficult to reproduce the problem, since no one else has reported the difficulty so far (to my knowledge), therefore it seems likely that there is something about my system that is causing the problem. Could it be a conflict with my still-installed versions 8.5.2 or 9.5.2? Could it be a defective copy of 10.0?

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