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Colour temperature of fixtures in Vision

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Occasionally lights will have the wrong colour temperature. For instance I might have 12 Sharpies and 6 Par 64's, 11 of the Sharpies will be white, 1 will be tungsten colour, 5 par 64's will be tungsten and 1 will be white. It is as if some of the fixtures have swapped colour temperatures. Closing the re-importing the file will sometimes fix the issue. I have had this issue previously over the years, it used to happen a lot more frequently but it still happens occasionally.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You hit the nail on the head here 😛  It seems this has been an issue for quite some time. But, we've always had issues reproducing the problem and fixing the root cause of the issue. Do you happen to have a file were it seems to happen more often I might be able to share with developers internally? Thanks!

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It just happened again when changing the fixture type to a Mole-Richardson Type 5751 Molefay.


I am sorry I don't really have a file that it happens in more than others. This is the first time it has happened since April.


I could send you this file if that helps at all?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

DM me the file just in case it is something obvious. What we have found is that this issue is very difficult to reproduce and has been very difficult to find in code as a result. Steps to reproduce, while difficult, are usually the silver bullet for getting problems solved quickly.

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