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How to Export Render?


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Long time lurker, first time poster.

In spotlight I have built myself a venue, added the lights, screen and all the relevant textures of walls and floors.. Now I want to render it nicely and export as a pdf or similar. I have rendered it from the design layer as final quality render works and it looks great. But I don't think this is the correct way to export it.

This is the first time I have done this and I am struggling to find a video that will help me.

Could someone please help me with the correct work flow??  I have tried to make a viewport, but it always seems to be wireframe rendering, regardless of the option I choose.


vwx 2021+ imac pro


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You can use the Export Image File (or Export PDF) options from the File:Export menu to export what you have on the design layer.


But normally, creating a viewport will offer you more control over what portion of the rendered scene you want to use.


After you create a viewport (or edit the render settings of the viewport in the OIP), you have to click the Update button at the top of the OIP. VW will churn for a while and then the red/white striped boarder around the viewport will go away and the rendered view will show. If you have the Save Viewport Cache turned on in the Document Preferences, then the rendering will be saved with the file (and make the file size larger) but you won't have to re-render until you are ready to.


The Red/White boarder around the viewport will return when you have made a change that might cause the rendered image to be out of date to remind you to Update the viewport again if you want the most current version.



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Thank you very very much! Such a simple thing, but I have more or less taught myself over the years and that'd be a big hole in my knowledge.

For anyone else with the same question, I eventually found this video which was very helpful too. 

Ngā mihi from NZ



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