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P Retondo

Window tool corruption, v10.0.1

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I just installed v 10.0 and upgraded to 10.0.1. I converted a v9.5.2 project using the "Update to v2 objects" tool. First of all, some of my smaller windows came in at the wrong size (way big). Also, some of the shorter walls failed to join correctly. Most distressingly, the window creation tools fail to work.

When I place a Simple Window 2 or a Window object, it may work the first or second time. But if I attempt to edit the window, suddenly it disappears. On subsequent attempts to place a window, the "ghost" image of the window does not come up, and after placing the window, nothing appears in the wall - but the info palette shows that a window is selected, and all the correct information appears! This behavior persists until I restart VW, then it goes through the same corruption all over again. This behavior occurred when I first installed 10.0, and continues after installing the 10.0.1 upgrade.

I can't believe I'm the first person to experience this . . . maybe I'm doing something stupid or something strange is going on. This behavior seems inconsistent in its details; i.e., I can't pin down exactly what is causing this corruption. I even experienced window tool corruption in a virgin v 10.0 file.

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The first thing I would check is whether you may have imported a class with your windows, a class that is not active in your new drawing. Also, it would helpful (for the real techies) to know which version (8 or 9) you have upgraded from and what OS you are running.

Happy Holidays,

Peter Cipes, AIBD

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Sorry, I looked back at you original post and noticed that you did say you were coming from 9.5. However I think that all the objects in 9 are already v2 objects and that the v1 to v2 converter was specically for 8-9 (or 8-10?) conversions. Maybe this has some bearing on your problem, maybe not... PC

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Thanks for your reply! Hopefully tech support will weigh in here. I checked, no issue with classes. It seems like a bug to me. The manual tells me to update to v2 objects, and when I did that all of my windows and doors were changed to the new PIO's, or what I assume are the new PIO's, with the new "collapsable" interface. That interface is also buggy, in that it sometimes collapses and sometimes doesn't.

VW9.5.2 -> 10.0.1


P4 2.2G, 768K RAM

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