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Millwork-Main Class


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In my classes dialog box I have and had 'use at creation' selected and a solid fill selected. when designing this kitchen, none of the cabs inserted with solid fill. I had to individually select solid fill with the attributes pallete.

Am I missing something here?

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Ok? good question. They came from the Object Palette as opposed to the Object Browser. Not sure if there is a difference between the two.

Edit - So I went to my drawing and selected a cabinet from the object browser and viewed it's 3d. It shows up solid, but the attributes palette shows it as no fill. Selecting the cab and selecting solid fill is no change to the cab. De-selecting solid fill (no fill) is again no change.

Edit (2) - So it seems the cabinets from the Object palette are the PIO's as they have considerable modification options in the OIP whereas the cabs fromn the OB have no mods available other than positioning.

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Hi Buz

you can tell the pio cabs from the symbols in 2 ways the pios have their names in red in the object browser and are titled something like "base cab" in the obj info palette while 3d symbols are named in black in the browser and titled as 3d symbol in the obj info pallette and as you point out are not modifiable in the obj info palette as for the fill i think pios usualy take on the class attributes while i beleive symbols use the class attributes as they were when it was created you can however edit them to take on any fill or color or class style you want which will update all copies of that particular symbol

Hope this helps


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Mike - thank you. It helps some alright. I guess the question stems from - if I had 'use at creation' checked in the classes dialog, and had selected a solid fill, then it seems these cabs would fill as they were created as long as they are in the Classes>Millwork>Main class.

I understand the red vs black objs from the OB. The cabs from the Palettes>Architect are also pios and regardless of the class atributes 'set at creation' - they install unfilled. PIOs from the OB are filled at creation.

It's really not that big of a deal, just trying to make sure I understand.

Guess Nemetschek folks either don't want to address this for me or have started a long holiday break - :-)

Thanks again

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Hi Buz

I did some experimenting with this . when i use a pio cab with the class atributes set to fill and a color with or without the use at creation box checked they come in filled the symbols however ignore the attributes pallett setings and class settings and have to be edited to change style or color so I think based on this that the use at creation box over rides the settings on the attributes pallette for pios I could not duplicate your experiance with any combination I could think of maybe it has to do with version or platform


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