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Real time raytracing?

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Are there any plans for realtime raytracing in Renderworks. I regard rendering internally in Vectorworks as far more convenient than exporting to an external app like Twinmotion or via a direct link like Lumion or Enscape. I read some rumours that Redshift might be a candidate, owned by Maxon which again is owned by Nemetchek. Renderworks is not bad as it is, but imagine how having a decent level of photorealism with global illumination and reflections in seconds instead of hours would influence your workflow.

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Redshift is not a realtime raytracer.  It is a gpu based rendering engine. Vw already has a direct link to Twinmotion via datasmith and an embedded install of Enscape and Lumion as 3rd party add ons.  These are all real time ray tracing engines. 

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The "RT" in Redshift RT stand for "Realtime", doesn't it.

I read this at the Twinmotion user forum: "Hello, I have no hope that TM will come with raytracing support. TM is actually very user-friendly, even exemplary. One would like the TM to be adapted to new hardware. AMD is now there with ray tracing support. All the requirements are there. As I said, I have no more hope. Lumion 11 is also a big disappointment. No ray tracing support. You shouldn't have great hopes for that either." Isn't this correct?

My experience with Twinmotion is that shadows, global illumination and reflextions are faked and far from the realism you'll see i the demos of Unreal Engine 5 RTX. Maybe it has some form of raytracing, but it does not support Nvidi RTX cards. Enscape does that, but the Vectorworks plugin has too many bugs like reflection artifacts and lights missing to be of practical use. Besides it cost money, whereas Redshift as understand it would be an integral part of Renderworks like Cinema 4D and Opewn GL is today.

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Redshift RT perhaps, but the current shipping of Redshift is just a GPU renderer, albeit a very fast one.  I don't think Redshift Rt is shipping yet. I agree with you about the twinmotion/lumion/enscape world.. they are kid of fake looking.  If you take some of the courses on Unreal academy they show you how a lot of the rendering is scaled down for a faster performance, particularly with the reflections.  I think of twinmotion as sort of the gateway drug to unreal.  The real time rendering and animation combined with the datasmith is so enticing to a lot of users that prior could never achieve that type of rendering.  But you can't export the file to anything, so really the only place to go is to become a full unreal engine user.

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Yes, TM has "screen space" Reflections and GI (or rasterization)

What is not visible in the View or behind the Camera, can't appear in


Unreal is full of such fake helpers, like reflection planes which can

reflect the whole scene, that you put into your scene for important

things like mirrors or your glass table.


But Realtime  will still mean some limitations or faking for the next years.

Also in Enscape, it has RT Reflections and can see the whole scene,

but AFAIK it is limited to a single ray. If you have 2 mirrors that reflect

each other, that will not work too.


We are used to Raytracing since decades - with CPU non-realtime renderers.

Even there we prefer biased renderers, which cut off further rays or limit

the amount reflecting rays for ore realistic render time.

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all good points @zoomer and the takeaway is that when it comes to rendering, there is no one cure all.  Some folks will be happy w/ twinmotion for years to come.  Some folks are happy now with renderworks.  I still find that in my neck of the woods many architects are only interested in vray. 

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