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Data visualization not picking up spaces

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Hi everyone,


I've drawn several spaces using the spaces tool and assigned zones to them, but when i run my data visualization its only colouring in some of them. Can anyone think why this is? Also is there a way to edit already assigned zones.


Can't seem to find much on this subject matter 

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I've attached a few screenshots below.


It looks like my 'Proposed shopfront types 2021' zones have gone into multiple assigned zones, as theyre in both |Assigned zone 4 and Assigned zone 3. But i'm not sure where you can control what assigned zones they go into. 



When i apply the data visualisation from 'Assigned Zone 4' it only highlights some of the spaces and not all of them even though they have the same zones ticked.


Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 15.14.22.png

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 15.14.31.png

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 15.14.55.png

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Thanks for your help, yes i have also tried assigning them through the settings it still seems to not pick it up.


We want to add multiple data to each space, for example in this case i want to tell the space it'll have a certain type of new proposed shopfront but i want to call off what it has now as existing too. 


Do you know how you can control where the assigned zones go to? I cant seem to figure out how they end up in ' Assigned zone 1 etc.' 

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  • Marissa Farrell changed the title to Data visualization not picking up spaces

Try selecting the Space tool. On the Mode Bar choose the Settings Icon. image.thumb.png.709f7563ac09b649b955b3fdf565fae0.png


Make sure that nothing is set for Zone there.


Or if you are using Styles for spaces, you will need to check each style and make sure that the Zone is not set By Style and that nothing is set as default.


Or it might be something else.  

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