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Creating a Custom Field in Worksheets

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I've Created a custom data Tag.  It combines multiple fields into one text string separated by periods. This is the code I use. I created using the Define Tag Field Dialog box.


#DB Markers#.#Type#->#DB Markers#.#Type#"."#DB Markers#.#Deck#"."#DB Markers#.#Wing#"."#DB Markers#.#Exhibit#"."#DB Markers#.#Element Number#


Is there a way to do a similar thing in a Worksheet? The "Add Custom Field" dialog box doesn't seem to work the same way. I also tried pasting the text from the Data Tag into a custom field. That didn't work either.


The photo below shows the Data tag at the bottom and the worksheet above.




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=Concat('DB Markers'.'Type', '.', 'DB Markers'.'Deck')


Concat is short for Concatenate and is used to combine multiple strings together. It is also smart enough to convert numbers into strings to combine them.


Each bit of text is separated by a comma.


Litteral strings (things you are typing in) need to be surrounded by single quote marks. In the example above that is '.'  (Single quote, Period, Single Quote).


Records are identified by the Record Name period Field Name. 'DB Markers'.'Type'.   It is good practice to use single quotes around the record and field names, but it is not required unless the contain a space character.


A simple test to try is to type text into cells A, B, and C. I am assuming row 3.


Set the formula for cell D3 to   =Concat(A3, B3, '  ', C3) and see what that does.


Ask again if this is not clear enough.

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