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disappearing walls reappear when I pull out a PIO



 In some places in our model suddenly walls get invisible. There are german Window objects inside them. Everytime I pull that f**** window out of the wall it reappears, every time I re-place it in the wall the wall disappears again in 3D. (in 2D-plan view it's still visible)

Any idea or should I contact Serviceselect better?


thanks and regards, Matteo

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Not sure what's happening there but my first step would be reset that Wall Style (go into the Wall Style and change anything). If that doesn't work I would replace that wall instance. i.e. remove that section of wall and add a new one.


You might also try the same exercise as in your screen recording in Wire Frame mode. Is it disappearing in Wire Frame (in 3D) too or is it only OpenGL?

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Just now, Christiaan said:

replace that wall instance. i.e. remove that section of wall and add a new one

yes, that's what I am doing until the wall "disappears" again 😉 @elepp discovered something similar in VW 2020 SP6, might be caused by the cw-window?!? Next time I try changing the parapet height of the window, I also discovered components of walls "disappearing" 😞 somehow caused by windows...

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