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Polyline / Reshape tool ctrl to add/remove vertices/nodes

Ross McLee


To take a great shortcut feature from Bluebeam....


Is it possible, when editing/modifying a polyline type object to add/delete nodes using the ctrl key. This can be done from the reshape tool, and/or the selection too to speed modifying up, without having to change tools or their option settings. holding the ctrl key down and clicking on a line a vertex node is created. If you ctrl+click on an existing node it is deleted. Tool tips appear with + or - to show what will happen when you click.


Its a nice feature ! 🙂




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Guest Frank Brault

Hi Ross,


Vectorworks has a different system for handling shortcuts while using tools; The help is here:

Tools->Workspaces->Edit Current Workspace

Switch to the keys tab to view the default mode bar hotkeys, or select the tool tab to view the default tool hotkeys. 

https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FStart%2FModifying_tool_palettes_and_tool_sets.htm&rhsearch=default tool&rhsyns= &rhhlterm=default tool

...but the short answer is:

While editing a polyline with the reshape tool (shortcut access: '-' hyphen sign), at any time you can access each button group directly by the keyboard. So while in the reshape tool, hit 'u' to switch among modes in the the first button group to access the 'Add Vertex Mode' (plus sign icon). Then drag on a handle in the document window to add a vertex without letting go of the mouse. You will find that all operations within the tools are accessible with hotkeys. Different from Bluebeam of course, but complete within the Vectorworks universe...

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