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Editing original object after split tool usage

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Hi gurus,

I'm creating a lattice work 3D extrusion which I'm having to split into 3 pieces to fit onto my 3D printer bed.


I used split tool in line split mode to divide the solid into thirds (split off one third, and then split the remaining two thirds in half). I am still adjusting and editing the three pieces, which now means I'm having to make each edit to the original shape 3 times, since each of the split pieces now draws from an independent copy of the original shape. 

Is there a way to teach the split parts to all reference the same object/symbol so edits will update all three pieces?



Split Tool Challenge.vwx

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Just a thought. Maybe place the split paths as layer plane lines on a guide layer, so you can see (at least in top view) Where the splits will occur. Edit the whole object until satisfied, then split as final step? Delete or hide the guide layer for the .stl export (or your preferred file type).  


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Thank you, Mr. Shaw. That might be the best way to approach this.


I'm creating subtractions and additions for each of the three pieces to "pin" them together, after printing, so I'm discovering the modifications I need to make (or the imperfections in my design) as I move the pieces around, align them, and add iterations of them. I was curious to see if there was a way to reference back to a single source object, because it would make editing so much easier.

I'll do my best to complete my design prior to the split, because I agree with your assessment, if there is no way to have all three pieces reference the same object.


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