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Sending Focus information to Vision

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Hello friends,


What is the proper workflow to send conventional unit focus information from Vectorworks to Vision? 


My lights are focused in VW using focus points (and have the correct pan/tilt information in the OIP), but arrive in Vision pointed straight down.


Any help would be appreciated.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Please make sure you are running the most recent versions of VW and Visions.


A bug was introduced in 2020 SP3 that broke focus points for conventional litfiles. This bug should be fixed in 2021 SP2 (any 2021 build after # 567823 should work).

Please note that Vision has never supported focus points for GDTF conventionals. This is on our roadmap.

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1 minute ago, Bradley King said:

Interesting... I'm running 588748 (VW) and 26.0.3 (586381) Vision.


Nor am I sending data via GDTF. Just regular "Fixture Mode"


Any other ideas? Would a file be helpful?



Actually I just figured it out. I wasn't exporting the focus point objects as part of the MVR export, but it seems as long as I include them, the fixture focus gets sent. I didn't realize the two were linked.


Assuming that's WAD?



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