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Advanced roofing help...please!?


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Hey everyone

I know how to make a basic roof in VW Architect 9.5.1; but i wanted to do something a little mroe complicated and I cant seem to work it out. I want to create a house thats kind of A-frame. I know how to make the walls in an A-frame but I can't adjust the roof to my liking. A good example of what i'm after can be found here:

roof sample

If it cant be done using the "create roof..." tool...is there anything else you can suggest?

-Any- help would be greatly appreciated!


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here's what I would do (in VWA10)

AEC|create roof from walls

save your work

go to top/plan view

select the roof

move the mouse toward one of the selction markers at the gable end - the pointer arrow changes to a hand

left click

choose "gable end" from the window


save your work

move the mouse arrow to the other end where you want the gable end

do as above

save your work

I've found that it will crash more often than not, so save your work each time you do anythinG!

There is also a "roof face" command, but u shouldn't need it to do as the picture in the link you posted.

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