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Site Model elevation discrepancies as compared to source data

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Hi. I've just created a site model in VW2021. I used 3D polys as the source data. These include some contour lines and corner markers. These polys all have my desired elevations. However, all the elevations on the resulting set model are about 3' (35.741") lower than the elevations assigned to the source polys. Can you think of anything that would cause this discrepancy? I can send to the file if it helps.




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@Ed Wachter I just looked at your model.  The elevations at the corners are correct, but I did notice you have placed 3D Loci at each corner that are lower than your site model data.  Perhaps you are snapping to those instead?


Edit.. I stand corrected.  It looks like you may have moved the site model in Z by accident at some point.  I took your site model source data into a new file and it generated fine.  Your model appears to have been relocated vertically by almost 3'.

Changing your 3D appearance from mesh to extruded contours and then back to mesh will fix the problem for you.






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Okay. I moved the model vertically to correct. As I recall, several years ago VW displayed an X, Y & Z locations for a site model in the OIP and then the Z value got removed. I thought it was no longer possible to move a site vertically. It's all better now! Thank you!



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