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Trying to use this tool and I get a dialog box saying 'Plug-ins\Common\Data\ID_Symbols.MCD can't be found'. Wanting to use it on some simple door instances from the 'Objects Palette'.

Can someone tell me what's going on here?

Thank you

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Ok - so I have been having more and more trouble with this as well as other things - wish I knew what was so haywire.

The ID Tool will not ID a door.

A door from the ObjBrowser will not cut walls.

And export image file (jpeg) will only export the lower right corner of the drawing. (8.5x11 portrait)

So .... I suppose I should have three postings??????

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Updated to 9.5.3 and the ID tool is working again and the export>image file>jpeg is just fine.

Haven't checked the OBjBrowser door issue yet. Couldn't see coming back for another post re the doors - so checked - and it to is working.

Admin/Mod: delete this topic/thread if you like.

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When a door or window isn't cutting a wall, make sure the "Enable Wall Insertion Mode" is turned on when you click on the 2d Selection Tool.

THe image export thing - you have QT 6. As you have done, 9.5.3 should fix that.

If you edited the ID_Symbols.mcd file and didn't run the update text script, you could get that error message too. An update again, should have fixed it.

(Information above is for future use)

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