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wall openings and custom windows

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I recently upgraded from VW 8 to VWA 10 and for the most part love it but am frustrated with the new window and door tools!

1. What happened to the tool that allowed me to create an opening in a wall...I used to use it a lot!

2. Why can I no longer add extra horizontal and vertical mullions to any of the windows (to create cottage-pane windows)?

3. What are muntins?

4. Where did the garage/carport doors disappear to?

Please help... [Confused]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1. Wall Openings are now configuration options in door and window objects.

2. You can. They are called "muntins" and have new more flexible options in the Door and Window objects in VW10.

3. From Websters:

Muntin: NOUN - A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window.

4. "Overhead" is now a configuration option in the door object.

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Thank you, but I am still not able to change the number of vertical and horizontal muntins in any given window. I am running VWA on an eMac, and every time I try to change the "Num V muntins" or "Num H muntins", my computer makes an alert sound and resets the box to zero. This happens no matter what type of window I select from the drop-down menu. I have been trying this out by changing info in the object info palette whilst in a wireframe 3D view, so that I can see the impact of the changes I make. What am I doing wrong? [Frown]

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Select the window.

In the OIP at the bottom, there is a drop down for Glazing.

Change this to one of the glazing styles.

This will create a class of this style.

You can apply a None fill to that class' attributes.

That will give the arched window a none fill or the appearance of glass.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Julia, to set window muntis:

1. Select the window of interest. The name at the top of the Object Info palette should be 'Window'.

2. Click the checkbox named "Sash and muntin settings"

3. Set the 'Num H Muntins' parameter to the number of horizontal muntins you wish to see.

4. Set the 'Num V Muntins' parameter to the number of vertical muntins you wish to see.

5. Set the 'Display Muntins' popup parameter to "Top only", "Bottom only" or "Top and Bottom" to control whether muntins appear in top or bottom sashes.

That's pretty much it.

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Thank you for your advice, but it didn't help me. As I said, my computer gives me a sound alert (no message) every time I try to change the no. of muntins, regardless of the type of window I have chosen. It simply won't let me do it...and resets the box in the OIP to zero every time. I had a major presentation last week, so I eventually made my own 2D/3D hybrid window symbol (time consuming, but less frustrating). Would you suggest I re-install to sort out the problem?

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hey i was just wondering if you have a detailing book of architecture that saws Muntins.

Checked a couple and the accepted use of the word seems to be the part of the mullion which is used to secure a pane of glass into the mullion.

like a timber bead tacked onto the mullions.

but more so really just wondering why you choose to use a word that is not in common usage.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

iboymatt, from Architectural Graphic Standards, Ramsay and Sleeper, 6th ed., page 377: "WOOD WINDOW CONSTRUCTION: Bars & muntins separate gl. opngs. w/i single sash. Bars: Hor. or vert., full wth. or hgt. of gl. opng. Muntins: H or V, from site or rail to bar, bar to bar. Bars & muntins also diagonal."

My interpretation of this is that a "muntin" is a secondary pane divider within a sash. No mention of mullions in this discussion. You say tomato, etc. I think if a term exists in AGS we can think of it as _not_ "non-standard".

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