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'Multiply' / Transparent fill colour objects

Amanda McDermott


I would like to be able to show a normal fill colour as 'see through', but not opaque.  i.e. I don't want the colour to be faded, as happens with editing opacity, or the lines behind to appear duller. I would like black lines behind the colour to show through as black, and the overlay colour to appear exactly the colour I choose. In other software this is called 'Multiply'...


I have posted this on an old thread, but don't think the vwx can do what I would like, so posting here as well.

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This is a great wishlist item. The "send to back" trick is useful only in limited situations.


Currently, for example, there's no way to "highlight" areas on an elevation viewport that's OpenGL (white model shading) + Hidden Line foreground, because the entire elevation has a white/grey fill from the OpenGL render. Color overlays have to shapes on the top of stacking order; you can't send to back. And using opacity isn't ideal, because then it washes out black linework.


Another case where this doesn't work is with dimensions (when the dim is centered on the line) because that requires the dimension to have a white fill to obscure the dimension line. There are numerous other situations where fills are necessary and where a "multiply" blend mode on 2D shapes might be useful. (I suppose the main challenge would be it implementing without it being overly complex or affecting exist workflows).

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