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Plant pricing functionality


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Ok that's what I thought.  I'm getting nothing when I do that.  I have used the function before and it took me to the particular plant grouping on the plan.  I'm guessing like usual I have a setting wrong.  I'm also having a separate issue with plants not being counted.  But here is a shot of the page maybe you can see the issue.  I will also post as a separate issue. 

Screenshot (45).png

Screenshot (46).png

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2 hours ago, Landartma said:

I did that I'm looking to get it to update in the resource manager so I only have to do it once when I find an error.  We can discuss in the next training.  Thanks.

Once a record is attached to an object Instance rather than the original Resource, there is no longer a link between the record. 


That means that you have to edit each placed object individually. If you edit the master Resource the change will only impact objects that are places after the change.


There have been requests for a long time to have some kind of link between the master resource record and the places objects, but it does not exist yet.


bgoff's statement about editing it in the worksheet is the best you can do.


If you SUMmarize based on the symbol you would only need to change the price once and it will change for every SUMmarized object. Or change one, copy the changed data, range select all of the objects to have that price and Paste and they should all change at once.



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@Pat Stanford It's this level of inconsistency that makes VW so puzzling; when I first started learning VW and discovered it had things called 'classes' I was excited as I'd just been studying OO programming and (naively) thought that inheritability and all those good things would be part of this new world.


Sadly not so with this dog - we have to do all the barking ourselves. 



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