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Using 3D image Files from Furniture Suppliers



Apologies for the couple of question in 1 post but I think that they go together.  All for VW 2019


If I want to use a 3D image files such as those on Sketchup3D warehouse for my Vectorworks drawings how do I create a 'resource' to reuse including a 2D image so that it is visible in top plan?    

What formats can I use?

Do I duplicate something from resource manager and then create an image prop for use in the 3D element as we do for plants?

Or, do I create a 2D symbol and attach the suppliers images to the 3D element?


If there is a video somewhere please send me the link.  I can only find videos that deal with differing elements - image props etc.




Justine Wood



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No not at all. See 'File' menu for the 'Import SketchUp...' command. When you download the chosen sketchup model from 3D Warehouse just make sure you choose 'SketchUp 2018 Model': I believe it needs to be a year earlier than your version of VW

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51 minutes ago, justinekwood said:

Thanks Tom.  Am I right in saying that I can only import Sketchup models if I have VW2020 or higher?  Thanks



What Tom W. wrote above is correct,  but you do need one of the Design Series VW versions (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Designer) in order to Import SketchUp files. Vw Fundamentals cannot Import SketchUp files. 

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