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Is the 'Nomad' app still alive and does anyone use it?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Tom W, 

Both of these improvements (ability to change the background and clip cube rotation) are currently planned for release in September 2022.

Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova

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Trying Nomad in the wild today (for a client presentation) after not touching it for some time.


First problem - I have to remind myself what the process is for exporting the model so I can get at it on my ipad. So I go to here:



and it tells me




But in VW2021 under File > Export I see no option for "Export VGX".


Am I just going blind/crazy?




(in the end I managed to get it exported via the cloud services desktop app instead)

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In the iPad app (viewing a VGX model):


- clear glass is transparent, but appears to cast shadows. So I can have either (a) directional light & shadows on the exterior of the building but only ambient light inside or (b) directional light on the outside & inside but without any shadows


- another glass texture (reeded/obscured glass)I have set up as semi transparent to look as I want it in shaded view in Vextorworks shows as completely opaque (as far as I can tell) in the ipad app


Are these things working as expected/intended?


The addition of ambient occlusion is welcome; makes interiors look a little less flat/featureless although I'd still like the ability to turn edges on.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


The Export VGX command is available in Vectorworks 2022 SP3 or later. I will make sure to include this in the Help. Thanks for pointing that out! I am glad you managed to export the model via the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app.


Yes, transparent objects cast shadows currently. We are looking forward to fixing this it as we implement a "white model" functionality. It will require marking which objects are transparent so we don't make them white, so we can use that to also disable shadows.


Reagrding your glass texture that appears opaque, please send me a message with a test file so we can evaluate this specific case further. We are aware of some issues with displaying transparency. 


Draw edges is coming soon, along with white model. 😉


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova




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