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Check to make sure both objects are 2d objects.

Select both objs, then select the Clip Surface command.

The object you want clipped or cut out will still remain. You will need to select that object and delete it or move it to see the changes.

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Turning off auto save had no effect. IT seems to happen when I am online and drawing simple 2d shapes. Very frustrating.

Also, I was in the process of moving VW10 from my Laptop to my desktop (Yes, one license was actually installed on more than one machine for a brief time) When interestingly, after shutting down and starting again (while both machines were connected with a crossover cable) Vector works 10 uninstalled itself (with no warning or other indication) After several attempts at first uninstalling and then reinstalling I got things working again but that's when the freezing started. I would gladly pay for another seat if there would be some kind of guarantee that it would reliably work.

Oh, Did I mention that quite often (It just happened -- I am editting this post ten minutes later) I get a C++ runtime error when I try to change the color of a selected object.

My system again: Win XP Pro Dual P4 Xeon 2.2 Ghz Processors, 2 G Ram, Dual monitor with a Radeon 8500 Video card.

I am glad i am still within that 30 day period...

[ 10-27-2002, 11:36 PM: Message edited by: Vitanaut ]

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