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Free Example Tutorial - Mastering Extrude Along a Path to create complex assemblies

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@Christian Fekete I used to follow the logic of moving the profile to correspond to the path and orientating it in 3D accordingly.  It was a PIA.  You will see in that example file that it is not necessary in order to produce the desired results, which actually makes it faster and less painful 🙂  The secret is understanding what VWX is doing behind the scenes to place your profile on the path, which you can change after the fact.

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@Christian Fekete another approach is to convert the path to a NURBs then set a Working Plane on it. A Working Plane will always be perpendicular to a NURBS Curve wherever you place it. Then you can place the profile on the path in the drawing + get it right first time + not need to reposition it in the profile edit mode. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.


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