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8-Instrument "On" Limit for Lighting Objects in OpenGL workaround?

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TLDR: Does the 8 instrument "on light" limit in OpenGL apply only to live rendering in the workspace, or will lights remain "off" in all exported rendering/videos as well?

Are there Renderworks settings that match the perfectly stylized look of OpenGL?


I don't really have the processing power available for freelance/offisite work that's mostly limited to my MacBook Pro. For context: I'm a designer for theatre, and I am constantly pushing forward to present high-quality, "photo real" images to directors when first pitching a project, but most subsequent detail work is done on-the-fly without the need for all the time/effort of post-processing in external programs like C4D or Twinmotion. Most forum advice on rendering seems to be "all or nothing" strive for extreme realism-- "make your computer crash over and over with the default settings and work backwards until you figure out the limits of your sub-par machine."


It's awesome to have such powerful technology available for at-home use! However for me, OpenGL provides that perfect intersection of being "presentation ready" with basic lighting and texture options, while still being clearly "work in progress/sketch." Clients don't get too bogged down with questions about photo realistic details, but can VERY clearly/accurately imagine the finished product. I actually do like the crisp illustrative look of the cartooned black outlines over surface detail/texture (which is what I assume Renderworks Artistic Sketch outputs are "supposed" to feel like, but I find them messy and annoying at the level of detail I'm working with).


I've been doing more immersive work that necessitates walkthrough animations-- very thankful for the new auto camera path integration!

In traditional open-audience theatre designs, I get a lot more "bang for my buck" with a heliodon & basic dramatic spot lights.

Since a lot of new work involves multi-room enclosed spaces, that light limit doesn't go as far for walkthrough animations.


Will a walkthrough video/rendering exported in OpenGL turn "extra" lights off?

For static renders: I have my workflow easily set up to turn on/off lighting room-by-room with classes. In theory I could use the consistency of keyframes and camera views to splice multiple animation videos that transition from one lit room to the next, but I'd prefer to keep the process as in-program/streamlined as humanly possible.


I'm excited for the live-render engine to be released for Mac (haven't had the chance to play around on a PC yet). I know many of my "issues" with this topic can be solved with "more processing power," but for now that's not an option. OpenGL is exactly what I'm looking for in my workflow for now. If there's no easy workaround for the limits currently applied to the OpenGL engine, can someone suggest a custom Renderworks set-up that will give me the exact same look/feel as OpenGL?


Thanks in advance for reading and pointing me in the right direction!


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Hi Vince, the Spotlight Preview render mode in the renderworks style drop down was created for this purpose. You could always create your own render style.

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