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Need help with creating minimal glass handrails in Vectorworks



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No VW at hand currently ....


But I can state that it is possible.

I did the opposite, something like a sheet metal handrail that covers

the whole Side of an external Stair.


I am no more sure if I could just use viable panel settings in Stair Settings>Railings>Guardrail>Frame

(Should be a single Solid along the whole Stair/Landings, without gaps)

or if I misused Stair Setting>Railings>Handrail .... and gave it an abnormal height .....

You have to play ... something will do what you need.


Finally go to Graphic Attributes and assign a proper Class to your Railing Glass Elements,

that has a proper Glass Material assigned.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is a fairly straightforward task. The research photos do not show banisters, which would probably require the extrude along path commnad. So, the basic concept here, is to model the individual panels as polygons or polylines if there are curves or holes in the glass profiles, in elevation view. Then, extrude the shapes to the intended thickness of the glass and apply a standard glass texture to the polygons. Any hardware or fittings should be modeled separately so that you can suggest different materials.

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@Talitha what @zoomer said.

See attached image.

Putting your posts on a class with invisible attributes and turned off makes the magic happen.

Putting the rest of your stair and railing components on appropriate classes gives you fine control.

I'm with @Frank Brault on this though.  VWX stair tool leaves a bit to be desired sometimes, so modeling directly produces predictable results.



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^ For some reason I thought it is about the Stair Tool.


But of course you have much better control when modeling

your custom geometry.

I my example I just had a 6 Story Stair where most Stories

were different. So I was happy that the Stair Toll allowed

to do it for all individual Stairs in one go.

But usually Stair tool's Handrails and its parts have geometrical

issues ... or worse.

If those get visible or quality is important, custom modeling is the

way to go. I just would prefer working with Extrudes or Multi Extrudes

of Extrude along Paths as I think they are a bit tedious.

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