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Eurotruss symbol

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can anyone tell me why there are no HD truss in the eurotruss library, only FD truss.

in the company i'm working there are only HD truss and every time i need to change the weight of

the truss so it will give me the right weight of all the truss system.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have added the HD truss symbols to the list for our content team, it may take some time since there is currently a back list of truss symbol requests for the team to work through.


In the mean time you can create your own versions based on current FD libraries (since the external geometry is identical) and save them into a user or workgroup folder for future use, so that you only have to create the symbol once.


import the desired truss symbol into an empty file

duplicate it in the file resources and rename the duplicate

right click on the duplicate and choose edit 2D component so you can edit the label included in the 2D geometry

insert the symbol into the design layer and use the 'Customize Truss Symbol Data' command

in all the fields that display 'FD****' change it to 'HD****' (Type, Name, Connectable With)

enter the correct weight

Lastly you need to change the cross section data

hit the Change Cross Section Data button

and in the Cross section dialogue use the 'sets' drop down at the top to change the cross section to the appropriate HD version, we currently have the cross section data for HD33, HD34, HD43 and HD44.


once you are happy with the symbol save the file either into your user or workgroup folder.

PM me if you need further help with this

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