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Faceted curves again

Benson Shaw


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Certainly +1 from me.


This thread is highly relevant:



In particular, for anyone looking for work-arounds to the problems caused by this faceting, have a look at the last post on that thread; @axhake has done a lot of work in working up a method that may be very useful for various situations.


I would say there are two concerns and I don't know enough to say to what extent they are interlinked.

- one is mainly about the visual consequences of this faceting (ie, the rendered geometry looks rubbish but we suspect the underlying maths is sound)

- one is about how sound the underlying maths is, when you do things like splitting off a portion of something like a NURBs curve and rely on that portion following *exactly* the same path as the one you have derived it from. And there are going to be problems even if the underlying maths is preserved perfectly, if the two curves are rendered with their facets in different positions.

These things are mentioned on that other thread.


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