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Buying new laptop - Need recommendations.

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Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations regarding the correct specification of laptop with the intention of producing 2D and 3D Vectorworks drawings / models. My budget would be £1200-£1600. Should I get Windows or MAC? Any complications with either? All information regarding required processor, graphics card, ram etc would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Patrick

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Almost forgot, there is another factor in the mix that @JuanP may have overlooked?; that's additional performance boosts Vectorworks will receive when it supports Metal and shifts to natively supporting Apple Silicon. A quick cut n' paste of that info: 


From the Planet Vectorworks review of the M1: 

For Vectorworks users, M1 chips are anticipated to speed up performance of everyday design tasks, such as rendering, drawing regeneration, and section updates. As more testing and reviews roll out to vet Macs with M1 chips and the design community moves toward greater adoption of the new technology, Johnson said he expects that next fall’s release of Vectorworks 2022, with Apple’s Metal technology fully supported, will shine on M1 chips.


“The Apple silicon technology performance promises are also aligned with rendering solutions that will find their way to our customers in the near future,” said Johnson.


Johnson frames it for Vectorworks this way. “For Vectorworks customers, the 2021 software is compiled for Intel-based Macs.  Apple engineering has quite impressively delivered performance improvements that are immediately evident using Vectorworks 2020 and 2021, thanks to the Rosetta 2 emulation mode. We expect another performance boost with the upcoming release of a Universal Binary solution for Vectorworks. And future versions of Vectorworks will be compiled natively for M1 and will see even greater performance gains.


When the Apple Silicon version is coming isn't clear, estimates have varied from:

On 6/24/2020 at 9:25 AM, SteveJ said:

Here at Vectorworks, we downloaded Big Sur beta as soon as it was available.  Vectorworks launches and Runs! We will be evaluating Vectorworks and the new macOS 11 this week.  We will be working hard to make sure Vectorworks runs well on Big Sur when it is released. And, we will also be preparing a Vectorworks that is ready to run natively on Apple's new "Silicon" when it hits the streets in late 2020. We will keep you posted about our progress.




To: “[Steve] Johnson sums it up by forecasting that continued development of a Universal Binary solution, which should be available long before Apple’s five-year projection for continuing to sell Intel machines, will ensure even greater performance for users because it will support both Apple and Intel architectures.” - Dec. 10th 3:18pm 2020



But it is worth noting, the Roadmap V1 - V4 lists “Apple Silicon Support” as Scheduled, i.e. “a fair assumption” for the next release: “Supporting Universal Binary for Apple's new M1 processors is a top priority.” Based on the second quote by Steve Johnson above however, support in the initial release of 2022 seems unlikely, but with metal done at that point, I'm guessing from the conviction listed in the Roadmap, that attention will be squarely on addressing the A/Silicon version. 


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