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Who can give me the solution to the following LAYER LINK problem in VWs:

When making changes to one of the ORIGINAL layers of a layer link, it very often happens that all the layer links at the same time disapear . We then have to newly link all the layers, i.e. ALL the sheets containing LLs.

This happens on all our computers. They are:

G3 B/W (OS 9.1), a Starmax (OS 8.6), and 2 brand new iMacs G4 700 (OS 9.2.)

All run VW 8.5.2.

On the G3 I have also tried the same in a VWs 9.5.1 demo version Arch. with Landmark . Same result.

On the Starmax which has the problem, I have trashed the VW preferences and

VW and then reinstalled VW. No difference to the disapearing links though.

It happens on both older and newly started files.

One of the actions to try this problem out is:

On an ORIGINAL layer of a layer link do:

custom visibility - show only - 2D loci.

Then restore normal visibility.

Go to a layer link.

Then links have disapeared.

Appreciate your help.

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If you set the original layers to be invisible in the Layers Setup dialog box, you may get this situation.

You should set the original layers to be visible.

When you switch to the layer link being the active layer, you should set the Layer Options to Active Only, and Class Options to Show, Snap, Modify Others.

This will allow for the layer link only to be displayed as well as all objects in classes on the layers presented in the layer link.

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I had a similar situation a while ago on a PC.

The solution suggested by someone else is to

create a script via Organize/Custom Visibility/

/show , then choose kind is layer links.

I created a plug in menu command for both show

and hide layer links for convenience.

If it works, you may end up with all the previous

layer links since they are not deleted just hidden.

Hope this works.

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Dear George and Katie,

Tried George's suggestion and indeed it works (and all previously disapeared layer links showed up).

Thanks a lot for that, George.


Is there anything that can be done in order to prevent the problem?

And also, is the problem fixed in VW10?


M. Hobson

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I haven't seen this problem before.

When a layer isn't visible, either there are other layers that are shown "on top of" the layer link distrubing the view, or the layer is set to invisible in the Layers Dialog box (perhaps by a limitation in the Sheet visibility settings for layers), or by the Layer Options (Organize menu) setting it to Active only where the active layer is NOT the layer link.

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when you hide objects on a layer, all the layerlinks from that layer will disappear until you use the "custom visibility" tool to show all objects. However, you can end up seeing hidden classes. the trick is to go then to the class visibility window and just close it without doing anything else.

hope this helps

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