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Project Sharing for Remote Workers

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Someone in the "The Project Sharing - Where are we?" thread mentioned that hosting shared files on a third party server and other files on an on-premises server is not a functional way to work. I'd argue that a hybrid approach to file storage/sharing is the way most people work, irrespective of the profession. The Dropbox LAN sync feature bridges the gap between cloud and on-prem quite nicely.

This topic, along with a full year of a global pandemic under our belts, raises good questions about different ways to work on project files with a project team in various locations. I realize it's only recently been released, but with the advent of VW Project Sharing with synching on Vectorworks Cloud Services (VWCS), do users have any in-the-wild reports yet about stability or how much Project Sharing on VWCS differs from their Dropbox or OneDrive experiences?

Do any users have any pros/cons they want to share on the below platforms? Maybe a brief Good/Better/Best comparison?

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • VWCS


If I'm not mistaken, all platforms use delta synch, so that somewhat levels the playing field. Some real world feedback on cloud file sharing services with Vectorworks reduce the learning curve for some project teams.


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