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Everything 3D disappears and the rulers go yellow???

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Here's a weird one... 


Out of nowhere (which usually means I hit an errant shortcut key without knowing it, toggling some obscure option)...


When changing to a standard 3D view like Front or Right Isometric, all of my geometry disappears... and one or both of the ruler bars go yellow!


Nothing is deleted, but everything disappears. Selecting Top/Plan or Top brings it back, but using the Flyover tool makes everything disappear again.


Exiting and restarting the program does not fix this.


And of course, the problem comes and goes. I thought it had fixed itself for a moment, then it re-appeared. I was able to cycle through several views in 3D for a moment, then this started happening again.


The ruler bar doesn't always go yellow, but sometimes the numbers just disappear.


Any ideas as to how this happens?


Screenshot of yellow ruler bar attached.


Thanks for any help,





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Have seen that quite often.

AFAIK during one ore more SPs in VW 2020.

Haven't seen it for a while.


I think the View arbitrarily went off on one or both of X and Y coordinates,

therefore yellow ruler(s) and blank screen (?).

But AFAIK a "Fit All" did not work, maybe switching back to 2D Plan View

and back to 3D, to re-activate OpenGL did help ?

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