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Surface Array incorrect elevation


When creating Surface Arrays on a design layer whose elevation is something other than 0, I'm seeing the arrays appear at the height they would be if they were on a design layer with 0 elevation.  ie., if the current design layer elevation is 10', the surface array appears 10' lower than the nurbs surface was before the Create Surface Array command was run.


Anyone else seeing this?

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@michaelk I just tried this (finally!) in SP2, and then updated and tried again in SP3.1. I was not able to make the array offset from the base.  


My test files are all new v2021 blank files.


1st trial in each version is with design layer elevation = 0. works as expected.

2nd trial is another new blank file with elevated design layer.  Created new array from new objects.  Array created as expected. No offset.


Also tried new blank file with 2 design layers.  One elevated, the other z=0.  Made a successful  array in each layer.


Also tried new file with two layers, one elevated, one at 0, layer options set to Show/Snap/Modify Others.  Attempted to create array with base object and array item on separate layers.  Command produces an error dialog, array not created.


Soooo, maybe you can elaborate? or post a file? Something is fishy with this.




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Posted (edited)

Hi, Michael!


A clue about the offset.  On the +10' layer, create a new NURBS surface as follows:


In Top Plan view

Draw a rectangle (screen plane)

Convert to NURBS (opt cmd n)

Convert to NURBS Surface (opt cmd k)


the new surface will display at z= -10'

I would expect it to create at z=0


So the issue is not unique to Surface Array.


Hmmmmm, thinking cap.

Not sure how to test internal vs user origin.  Maybe a conflict?

This also happens with new file, single dl with layer elev at 10'



Edited by Benson Shaw

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OK, horsing around with this some more.


I think this is issue with the layer plane definition.


Set up:

New blank drawing, layer plane z= 10'

Top Plan, Screen Plane



Engage the 3d Locus or other 3d object tool

Drawing automatically switches to Top view and Automatic plane status.

Place 3d Locus.  Result  z=0



Switch drawing to Top/Plan view

Drawing automatically returns to Screen Plane status.

Engage Rectangle or other 2d object tool. Drawing remains in Top Plan, Screen Plane.

Draw the 2d rectangle (remains Top Plan, Screen Plane)

Convert to NURBS Curve (opt cmd n) or directly to NURBS Surface (opt cmd k)

Drawing remains in Screen Plane, but switches to Top

Converted 3d object z=-10'


The conversion from 2d to 3d process bypasses the auto switching from Top/Plan  to Top view and from Screen plane to Automatic.  This bypass  subverts the Layer z definition and applies instead the internal origin z value instead of the layer z value.  (Note: the layer z is always relative to the internal origin z=0). Therefore the new 3d object will create at negative value of the layer z.


The Surface Array command as applied in this context is victim(?) of the bypass.  It creates a new 3d object without the atutomatic switch to Automatic Plane mode.

It's interesting at least.

Will try to submit as bug later.





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