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Mark Aceto

Sloped Slab + Self-Leveling Floor

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@Tom W. thanks--looks great! I'm curious what 3D object you're adding to the slab. Are you extracting the ramp faces, and then extruding to give it thickness?


BTW met with terrazzo contractor yesterday. Cut sheets attached for reference. Revising now... 



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Posted (edited)

Hi @Mark Aceto I used this 3D solid to subtract the ramp from the slab initially:


Then I Option-clicked to duplicate that solid in place + moved the duplicate +10mm on the Z axis + subtracted it from the original solid to create this shape:



And it was this shape that I added to the terrazzo component.


So I scooped out an initial amount of material from the slab then added more back in.


You could do the same thing for other components if you needed to run several different layers of material through the ramp rather than just one. Just scoop out enough material initially to take you back to the base surface then add back the layers on top one by one.


And you know of course that if you right-click on the slab + choose 'Edit Modifiers' you enter an edit mode where you can access all the 3D shapes you've added or subtracted from the slab + delete, move or reshape them if necessary.

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Posted (edited)

@Tom W. that's genius! I was fighting with Shell Solid for hours but it kept failing.


I had to fake the terrazzo "slab" by not selecting a few interior walls (that would have closed off the 2 spaces around the perimeter). I think the terrazzo layer may become extruded polys (paint bucket mode) instead of a slab object.


Here's where I'm at with the current method (lost or obscured the terrazzo face of the recessed slab somewhere along the way):


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.59.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 11.16.18 PM.png

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