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Calculations with variable #AREA# in data tags




I'm trying to do a calculation in a data tag that would give me the theoretical load or weight of an object (in this case a rectangle) as a function of its area.
I had also tried to indicate a volume notion by multiplying the surface by a thickness (for mulch for example) and I have the same problem.

It would almost work ... if the unit of measure was not displayed, because the "m2" disturbs the readability of the move.

1597574797_Capturedcran2021-03-30195701.thumb.png.d259b1c2c08228f7df349361f746fc7d.png   1487275664_Capturedcran2021-03-30195625.thumb.png.7e1b70ebef74ef69c3615028c312d22c.png

And it's impossible to remove "display unit symbol" with function #AREA#. I tried many options but it doesn't work 😪



However, with the #HHEIGHT# function, it is possible to ask not to display the unit ...



I have tried to reproduce the #m_0_0# syntax manually as #sq m_0_0#, but it does not work ...

Do you have a solution for me?

And also, is there a list of calculation functions that can be used in the data labels? The help is more than sketchy in this area.

Thank you in advance for your answers and solutions.

Best regards.

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Good evening @Pat Stanford ,


Thanks for your help, you are a well of science in the field of VectorWorks! (and probably in many others that I don't know 😊)


I'd skimmed over these topics well, but didn't quite understand the principle of dividing by the unit of area.

It works now 👍🏻


Probably an integrated solution like for linear lengths or widths would be easier ...

But it would probably take away the charm of VectorWorks and all those nice exchanges on the forum 🤭.

I haven't figured out how to round the result, but that's something.
(1674.509803922, that's pretty damn accurate though 😉 )
INT, ROUND or rounddown do not work.



I didn't find too much information about the calculation functions in the data tag.

Thanks again for your knowledge and sharing it.


A good end of evening or day depending on your time zone.


Best regards.


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