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Ross McLee

Quick Schematic Create Viewport

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Hi again,

Another feature request!


Would it be possible to create viewports from a schematic layer by selecting the items you want to include in the viewport and click create viewport (I have a shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V).


This would be instead of having to create a rectangle and then using that as the crop border.


It may require a degree of crop 'margin' )say one or two grid squares or may be a %age of the length/width to give some space around the objects being cropped nicely, and the viewport laying on the sheet layer centred 🙂


But this would speed things up nicely !!


Thanks as always,





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@Jesse Cogswell.

Thank you so much for this script - it works a treat.


Only feedback I have is that the viewport is placed away from the sheet layer (page) origin. if the x/y could default to 0,0 that would be great. But otherwise, this has saved me so much time. ( have done lots of viewports i bulk, and just gone into the navigator and set the x/y coords for all the viewports to 0, in one go (a great feature of VW!)




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@Ross McLee Hmmm.  The script should center the viewport for you.  When viewports are created, they are created in relation to the existing page center on the design layer.  I'll look back at this script when I get some time, maybe I don't have it read in the existing page location.  It certainly centered the viewports in my testing.


Ah, just tried playing around with it.  It gets screwed up if your User Origin is different than the Internal Origin.  If you run Tools-Origin-User Origin and select Set User Origin to Internal Origin, this should correct this.  This is a big pain point I have with Vectorworks, as the Internal Origin is poorly explained but is what the GetOrigin VS command references.  A lot of draftspeople start a drawing without regard to the Internal Origin, then set a User Origin later.  There is no direct coding in VS to get the User Origin, you instead have to use a GetPrefReal(6702) and GetPrefReal(6703) and convert the units.  So, if I'm feeling lazy and writing scripts for free, I tend not to put that scripting in.  After I started scripting, every single one of my drawings is very cognizant of where the Internal Origin lands, usually on CL-PL intersection.


When I get a moment, I'll add in the scripting to compensate for the User Origin, but that will probably be in a couple of days.

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