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Create custom Light Device

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Hello All,
I have recently started using Vectoworks, forgive me for my low knowledge of the software.
My pupose is to create a moving head. I performed this procedure:
I created the three 3d parts (base, arms, and body which also includes a group of lenses).
I have assigned the Parts record to the various parts.
In the plan I have inserted a drawing on 2d, which obviously reflects the geometry of the symbol. I selected everything and Edit> Create Symbol. I gave the name and done ok and entered the central insertion point.
I assigned the Light Info Record and Light Info Record M to this symbol and entered the values.
After saving everything, I tried to insert it in a truss but I encountered these problems:
Pan and Tilt don't work: I can only rotate the whole symbol, but not the head, arm and base.
It is not inserted in the center but misaligned.
Can I get some advice on where am I wrong?

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