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Can I set the User Origin in Z?

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When rolling out of top/plan into 3D, VW keeps defaulting the origin at Z=0 even though I'm working at true elevation and have set my Interactive Origin.

I have to repeatedly set my interactive origin point to the geometry I'm working on and as soon as I switch to Top/Plan VW 'forgets' this point and reverts to a Z=0 point.


This has been nagging at me since I started using VW. - but I've just started a project with a base elevation of 1700'.

So now not only is VW rolling out of Top/Plan not where I left it,   but it's placing me a couple of thousand feet above where I was working.


I've already added A Wishlist for a 'Lock' button on the interactive origin point...

Besides Zoomer, not much interest on that thread. 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

not sure what you are doing but it always works fine for me. Use the second mode in the flyover tool and set the rotation axis to your site model with one click and then rotate. then next time you need to rotate use shift-C and you will be back to that point. You could also set a saved view for the rotation and zoom that you like and use that.

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Bryan, it could be because of the Wacom input.

It does seem like the wacom input moves a bit to fast for the VW engine ( the new  Smart Options behavior for example) but VW almost always forgets or reassigns  my interactive origin when shift to and from Top/Plan and 3D.

  • I use the second Flyover mode and always boomerang mode.
  • I click on the geo I'm working on to set a point using shift+C to activate flyover.
  • Hit 'X' to get back to select tool.
  • I rotate around that point with no problems using Ctrl+MMB boomerang mode.
  • I go to Top/Plan and pan around/work a bit.
  • I use the ctrl+MMB boomerang mode to roll out of Top/Plan back into 3D - and the Interactive Origin has moved, usually down to Z=0.

This is obviously not the worst thing in the world.

But it does throw me off my game... and I have to take the time to navigate back to where I was working.


I switch from top/plan often so this happens hundreds of time a day.


Plus it's embarrassing if I'm screen sharing with a client - makes me look like I'm not on top of the program.



And again, a simple 'interactive origin' lock button would help.


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