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Custom Slab Tool (For Slab Edges)

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To my knowledge this function does not exist... but would like it to be a setting in future service packs.


Our building has exposed slab edges and we designed reveals in the slab edge. I modeled this as a solid addition of an "extrude along a curve" and 2 NURBS surfaces (2D squares).... Took some trial and error... but was satisfied with this for LOD100. We didn't even try to get pass this, as there would be further depressions for window walls and other details not worth designing for a 3D render. 


Two wishes...


One is for the slab tool to have a slab profile option.


The other is for "Extrude around a curve" to have multiple options where the profile extrudes along the path. By default, it's centered, but would like the option to select corners and midpoints, similar to the align cross section options built into Rhino's "Sweep1D" tool. 





Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 1.04.04 PM.png

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What would these edges be made of in the real world? Just trying to get my head around what you want to model. Why couldn't these be another Slab object for instance? Are they metal profile flashings? Profiled concrete?

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Sorry 'Extrude Along Path'. Use 'Extract' tool to extract NURBS Curves from the edges of the Slab + use these as a path to extrude a rectangle drawn on the edge of the slab along. Then subtract the Extrude Along Path object from the Slab.


Then if you need to you can right click on the slab + select 'Edit Modifiers' to enter an edit mode for the EAP which in turn allows you to access the original rectangle if you need to edit that.

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@Tom W. Appreciate it.


This project had 30+ setbacks and at this point... we're pretty much wrapped up.


My next challenge will be setting this up with Marionette so the same EAP can be applied to a slab of any size 


Your method is a lot easier because I started with the slab size we really have. In my method, I had to calculate the midpoint of the EAP profile, and subtract that from the slab's overall dimension.


The next project will be smoother! I like challenges and I LOVE learning how to solve them more efficiently. Best of luck to all BIM users.  

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