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Filtering the resource list

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I'm pretty sure this can't be done, but I need to ask.

After building a resource list I want to import only the symbols that are connected to a specified record.  Is there a way to do this filter? Or, do I have to import each symbol in the list check for the record and delete symbols that do not have the record.  If I do have to do that, how do I delete a symbol definition from a document, DelObject(HandleToSymDefinition)?

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Not sure if it can work for you Sam, but I have two methods for doing this. The first is using symbols folders, so only the source symbols within a particular folder will get make it into the list. The second is using a prefix or suffix within the symbol name in conjunction with GetActualNameFromResourceList(). I don't think you can get a handle to symbols in a list though, which is obviously a requirement for checking for an attached record.

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The symbols must be in the active document in order for VS to get any info about them other than than the name, so you will have to import them into the document in order to get any record information form the symbol. You should also look at using BeginContext() and EndContext() rather than just deleting the objects, it works better with the undo system and project sharing.

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