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Having trouble making a landscape area appear on site model as texture bed

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Hello there, 


Hopefully this is the right place to post this...


I have made a site model for a small residential design that I'm working on, and I also have a landscape area that I want to show on the site model as a texture bed. In the LA settings, I have it set as 'Texture Bed' in the 3D setting for the proposed site model.  I've also right-clicked on the LA and chose 'Send to Surface' but I'm still not seeing it appear on the site model. 


The attached photo shows the LA selected beneath the site model after I tried to send it to the surface. I've also attached the file itself. 

Could anyone point out what I'm missing? Thanks so much. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.32.22 AM.png


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I’ve run into this issue before. Based on what I’m seeing (I’m typing off my phone and can’t download the drawing) it looks like you may not have it on the appropriate layer, either the site model layer itself or on a layer above it in the stacking order. Are you just trying to create a texture bed or landscape area with texture? For the former I generally use the “create objects from shapes” command and create a site modifier texture bed. The 3D option to display a landscape area as a texture bed is a new feature I haven’t explored yet but I understand it’s intent to be to give some contextual information for the material being used within the landscape area (like mulch or topsoil). The plant material should also display alongside the texture. 

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