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Draftsperson needed

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Draftsperson needed for time sensitive residential plans:

I am a fully licensed contractor who is seeking a VectorWorks CAD person to draw up some time sensitive architectural plans for a house design. Preferably I would like to complete the drawings in one sit down session of 8-10 hours where I sit in with the draftsperson to go over details. Ideally this would occur between 7th and 14th of August, and at the latest August 21st 2002. I am willing to fly to any U.S destination or fly the draftsperson to my home location of Sedona Arizona ? a beautiful red-sandstone canyon tourist destination only 2hrs from the Grand Canyon. The draftsperson should be fully competent using VectorWorks Architect and have extensive experience creating residential architectural plans. A graduate architectural student who is fast, competent with the software and has knowledge of residential architecture will also be considered. Interested parties can contact me via e-mail at morgan@sedona.net with a CC to rh27@dana.ucc.nau.edu. Thank you for your attention to this notice.

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Are you serious in your statement that these plans should be completed in one 8-10 hour session? I am an experienced building designer (15+ years) and have been using VW since it was MiniCad 4. Even the simplest set of plans generally takes 40-50 hours (or more!) of time to complete. Just curious. PLC

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To CipesDesign.

Simple 3 / 4 bed room single storey houses can be done including all specifications, can be done in 10 to 15 hours. This would comprise of 10 to 15 sheets of drawings and details suitable for Local Authority Permits. Also some 3D fully rendered views could be done as well.

VW / VWA does really allow one to produce at this rate. smile.gif" border="0

Ross from down under

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To Cipes and Kiwi

I have been keeping an eye on this thread with interest in what one could expect in the way of drawing time for a simple home.

Seems there's quite a spread here between from 40 to 50 hours and 10 to 15 hours.

Wondering what the difference is here. Seems Mr Cipes has been doing this long enough to have a decent grasp of the program and Mr Kiwi as well.

Could you be talking different levels of 'simple'?

Just curious here.

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Buz, I think you've hit the nail on the head! Yes I could probably produce a code-compliant, bldg dept acceptable set of building plans in a day or two, but it could never contain the "features" that would set it apart from any old run of the mill tract house. When I undertake a project it always involves a lot of interplay with the client & the builder. If all a client wants is a "stock" plan, there are plenty of sources. I am a "custom" designer and projects take as long as they take. PLC

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Small straight forward housing can be done quickly. This will still produce 20 - 25 drawings, with a lot of pasted standard details.

As Cipes points out, more involvement takes more time, and as he said "it takes as long as it takes" is so true.

Average residential jobs would be up around 40 - 60 hours.

smile.gif" border="0

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