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I am having trouble creating viewports at 1:50,  I noticed the design layer I had modelled on was set at 1:50, so I copied and pasted the model onto a new document with design layer 1:1, the viewports scale fine when created with orthogonal and set views, but when I set the viewports in perspective or custom views at 1:50 the viewport is minuscule... it’s as if the design layer is still at 1:50 and has been scaled again at 1:50, but doesn’t have this problem in set views. 

I haven’t encountered this problem before, does anyone know if I am missing a step or if there is a way I can fix it to get perspective viewports at the correct scale?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks


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Why not change your original design layer scale to 1:1 - I have only ever drawn at 1:1, anything else just leads to confusion IMO.


Also put your problem in Subject line.

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If your plan and orthographic viewports are going to be 1:50, I highly recommend leaving your Design Layer scale at 1:50. Don't set it to 1:1, otherwise you're not utilizing the benefits such as seeing hatches, linetypes, text sizes, etc. at page scale. Think of Design Layer scale as a "preview" scale for what a viewport would look like at that scale.


That being said, Design Layer scale is completely independent of sheet layer viewport scale and one doesn't affect the other. In fact, you can even change your Design Layer scale at any point, and existing viewports will still be at the scale you set them at; they won't be affected at all.

Regarding the perspective viewport, if it's small on the sheet when you create it, just make the viewport larger. In the OIP change the ΔX field to something larger. You're literally just setting the width of the viewport in inches. (You could also use the viewport's Scale field, but perspective doesn't actually have scale so it's a bit misleading.)


If this doesn't address the issue, you're welcome to include a screenshot to illustrate what you're seeing.

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The Design Layer Scale ist just a Fata Morgana.


It is a WYSIWYG thing only ! To estimate your annotations like Texts and Dimensions

and Line Weights and Hatches in your Drawing Window.

Nothing more.

You are always drawing or modeling in VW in 1:1 or real world units !


It is just, because VW offers that WYSIWYG feature,

that it is highly recommended to set your Design Layer Scales, exactly to that

Scale that the majority of your Plans are using.

Just for the reasons that switching between Sheet Layers and Design Layers

would require lots of re-zooming each time, Text and Line Sizes will go crazy

or those Scaling Issues when creating Viewports or Perspectives that

you mentioned.

I also tried a few times to set my Design Layer Scale to 1:1 when using Sheet

Layer Scales of 1.100 or 1:50.

That won't work. I gave it up and just do what VW told me and I have no more

such problems.



(We could go more in detail, why it could ever make any sense that a Perspective,

which is defined by a Viewing Angle and a Crop, should ever have any Scale

Dependecy, or not ... of course.

And why you therefore experience exactly that problem))

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@Andy Broomell @zoomer 


Really helpful advice and explanations-  cleared that up for me, my perspectives are now at a happy size and I understand the function of the design layer scale.

Thank you very much!

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