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Symbol - Problem with display

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Good evening everyone,


So I created this detail symbol and for some reason the annotations are leaders are showing up very large. However, when I place the symbol in my drawings it appears fine. What is causing this and how do I fix it.


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What happens if you use the little house icon (Set Thumbnail View) at the bottom of the right hand pane to something else and then back?


What happens if you Edit the symbol, set it to a Top/Plan view and close the symbol. Edit it a second time and set it back to the isometric view you want and close the symbol?

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Before you try any solutions, make sure to deselect everything, then in the Attributes palette turn off both of the end marker buttons. Then regenerate the thumbnail by whatever means and hopefully that should work. It's possible that you've been regenerating the bug each time you try fixing it (And no, it shouldn't be happening in the first place).

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