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Shadows in Top/Plan View


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Is there a way to add cut shadows to floorplans whilst keeping the general look like a Top/Plan view? Below is the sort of thing I would like to achieve. I have searched to see if there is a similar topic but can't find what I'm looking for. I have tried playing with the clip cube but I loose the simple line drawing with door swings, etc.


I'm new to the forum so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or any other mistakes. Thanks.

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Hello @Rumble

For these kinds of shadows you can render with OpenGL with shadows on, textures and colors off, and ambient light set to a high value (80% or so).  That should give you the gray shadows.  The other parts could be another viewport overlaid over the OpenGL rendering I believe.


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@Rumble Make sure that the overlay viewport is set to Fill: None in the attributes pane.  If you have a solid fill for your slab that occludes the other viewport, you can do a combination of toggling off layers (if the slab is on its own layer), or use class overrides in the viewport to make sure that they also draw with no fill (assuming that they have a dedicated class and object attributes are set by class).

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@RumbleHi i use a Renderworks Style i created to produce sun studies for shadow diagrams, it only creates a shadow and no building. . Use 2 viewports on top of one another and important to have the alpha channel unticked. Also doors open in 3d or not cast shadows. See attached. HTH


PS If you turn off the doors and glass the sun show through to beyond. 



Shadows_v2020.vwx Shadows.vwx


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We had a similar Discussion on the german forum where I also

recommended VWs new drop shadows ....


The problem is these are only blurred versions of Object's 2D

appearance, without reacting to Object's volume in Z.


Like in your example, that makes Objects (Walls, Buildings, ...) look

like they are floating at a certain distance above a surface.

While the actual purpose of using Shadows in a 2D Drawing is to

show Volume, Height and that the Object is grounded.

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